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8 Key Benefits in Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team

Hiring a dedicated software development team is a popular way of outsourcing expertise from all around the world. It is a beneficial engagement model in which a client enters into a contract to develop a product with specific process requirements. Here are 8 benefits in hiring IT professionals to build a product while meeting the specific needs of the client.

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Flexibility
  3. Guaranteed Results
  4. Efficiency and Reliability
  5. Risk Mitigation
  6. Access to a Variety of Skills
  7. Beyond the Development
  8. Improved Company Focus

Cost Effective

One of the main benefits that a company can gain by hiring a dedicated software development team is the cost effectiveness of the development process. Instead of hiring an employee, and providing him with infrastructure, software, and hardware, salary, taxes, and medical bills, it is cost effective to hire a development team that is already equipped with the necessary infrastructure and an employer to overlook their needs. For example, a software developer in the USA earns an average salary of $69,083 per year while a software developer in India doing the same type of work only requires an average salary of $5,427.12. The cost of developing software by hiring a dedicated team will cost 70% less than the cost of in-house development.


The client can choose the team of developers he would require in order to develop a certain product with a presumably higher level of control over the team’s everyday tasks and progression. The availability of these chosen IT professional in the dedicated team is crucial in product development process. They will be in constant communication with the client to fulfil the requirements of the client, and will available throughout the process, making sure the client’s needs are met. They work as an extension of your in-house team to meet the product requirements.

Guaranteed Results

In Singapore, even though the IT ecosystem is showing a growth, most entrepreneurs hire foreign companies to develop their products because of the scarcity of talent and the fact that they consider outsourcing affordable given the quality of the products they require. When outsourcing, it is given to professionals who are focused and well-experienced, with expert knowledge that can guarantee the quality of the product.

Efficiency and Reliability

Since the dedicated team works in an optimized work environment to specifically meet the needs of the client and deliver the product on time, the client can rely on them for the smooth flow of the product development process. They have the infrastructure dedicated to complete projects with the highest quality available within the shortest time period. The client’s need to control the budget and predictable costs is made easier due to the efficiency of such team.

Risk Mitigation

A dedicated team of IT professionals would foresee the risks and mitigate them efficiently. They complete the tasks giving due consideration to risks in transition and operations. They can deliver results risk-free.

Access to a Variety of Skills

In choosing a dedicated team, the client can choose the professionals according to his requirements. A team of IT professionals can give access to a pool of talent, expertise, and tools which would not be accessible by hiring one employee. For example, if you require a software developer with writing skills, there is a greater chance that the outsourced team would be able to find someone who specializes in both writing and software development.

Beyond the Development

When you have a dedicated software development team, they are responsible throughout the process from the development to the implementation of the product. This way the team is able to identify the problems and fix them before they occur.  They also offer a variety of services required for a seamless process of product development such as co-development, SEO optimization, digital marketing

Improved Company Focus

When you have a dedicated software development team, the client can focus more on company’s core activities. A hired team can help with activities such as branding, marketing, and sales as well. While the in-house team is focused on further developing long-term projects from the clients, a hired team can concentrate on lower-priority projects making time for the client to focus on core business activities.

In China, even though there is a saturated market of IT professionals, it needs an improvement in its approach to projects, communication with the clients and IP protection to the products. In the USA, outsourcing is much more affordable and quality services can be hired for a much lower cost. In Singapore, the scarcity of IT professionals and the required quality of work have made the companies hire a dedicated software development team. Due to their expertise, technology, and cost effectiveness, India and China are among the top ten countries from where other countries hire software development teams.