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6 Examples of Omni-channel Retailing Experiences

Omni-channel retailing is a multi-faceted online sales approach with several integrated features of customer support to make the customer experience effortless and impeccable, no matter which kind of channel the customer may be using. Several reputed brands and companies have already successfully implemented omni-channel retailing in their sales strategies. Here are some examples of successful brands who efficiently provide Omni-channel Retail services.

A leading cosmetics brand known for its wide range of beauty and skin care products, Sephora has launched an omni-channel shopping experience which allows the customer to shop online as they would if they visited the store. Customers can browse the website beforehand and search for items which they can then add to their ‘Beauty Bag’ account, and even virtually try on the makeup using digital software. Sephora also allows customers to narrow their options and keep track of their purchases when they visit the store by providing in-store tablets so they can sign in to their beauty bag account.  It also provides beauty workshops and complimentary makeovers, and even gives customers the opportunity to join Sephora’s exclusive ‘Beauty Insider’ community which gives them access to various events and groups.

Timberland utilizes near-field communication technology at their outlets to provide an omni-channel retailing experience where customers can simply use the tablet provided at the stores to tap the tablet against the product chips and signs around the store to find out detailed information about the products without having to seek out a sales assistant. The customers are also provided with personalised suggestions based on their sales history to create a more individualised shopping experience.

The Starbucks rewards app has taken the generic reward card you get at most coffee franchises and turned it in to one of the top omni-channel retailing experiences out there. It allows customers to check and reload the card on all devices, and any changes made your profile gets updated on all channels immediately.

Disney has very efficiently integrated all aspects of the Disney experience into their omni-channel experience. From their trip planning service, the ‘My Disney Experience’ to the mobile app which allows you to locate the attractions you wish to visit and lets you know the estimated waiting time, Disney has encompassed everything you would need for a productive and enjoyable Disney experience. Their ‘Magic Band’ program even acts as a hotel room key, photo storage device, and a food ordering tool.

Van Heusen’s flagship store has encompassed technology impressively by allowing customers to find the perfect fit for them. The ‘Fit Scanner’ is an infrared device which scans the customer and generates measurements which is thereafter used to find the perfect sizes for shirts, trousers, etc. The store also has a ‘Style Bar’ digital display which allows customers to identify their personal style by answering a few questions, and choosing from the 20 different styling options that is generated. The store even offers a ‘Virtual Trial Mirror’ where customers can try on outfits without physically having to try them on.

Studio Pepperfry’, the line concept stores launched by the leading online furniture brand Pepperfry allows customers to consult interior designers and architects with ease to find the right furniture for their homes. The interior design consultants at the store can provide various designs to help customers find the right choice of furniture for their style and preference. The studio also offers customization and advisory services to the customers. Once a customer chooses a piece of furniture at the studio, an order can easily be placed online. In fact over 15% of Pepperfry’s sales comes through these studios.